I was talking to a friend and all of a sudden she says I need to practice flirting with girls I don’t know and now she’s rating my flirting abilities… I’ve never felt so… Ridiculous! xD hahaha

Anonymous asked:

What about expecting ALL 18+yr old male members to be scattered across the world and spend 2 years proselyting strikes you as 'afraid to assert religious beliefs'? What about the reality of more than 80,000 people worldwide approaching every person possible (at least 10 doors either side of a known contact), qualifies as 'religious hesitance'?

Expecting all Priesthood Holders between the ages of 18-26 to serve a mission, as their Priesthood Duty, does not automatically make it so that those young men are not afraid to assert their religious beliefs. In fact, every year hundreds of those young men, and many young women who choose to serve a mission, go home due to discouragement and depression during their missions because of things that were said and done to them during their service.

[[MORE]]Why would a missionary be hesitant to share the Gospel? “Surely that’s what they do every single day! They are robots, right? They don’t care about what other people say to them!” Wrong. Missionaries are Human. I know, shocker! Most missionaries are probably in between the ages of 18-25. Many of them have never lived away from home before their missions. Not all of them have had jobs. Many of them wont have had life experience that has helped them to deal with rejection, dificulty or even hatred. That’s right, hatred.

I loved my mission. Every single day of it taught me something about God, myself, life and people. I have had the most amazing experiences of my life as a missionary, but that doesn’t mean there were no hard times.

Once again, why would a missionary be hesitant to share the Gospel? Wouldn’t you be hesitant to do whatever it may be if people spat at you; tried to hit you; threatened you; locked you in their home; swore at you; mocked you; shouted at you; threw rocks at you; opened their car door while you were riding your bike to try and make you crash; dropped things through your letter box; left nasty messages on your windscreen; called the police on you; if bus drivers kicked you out of buses; if you were falsely accused of doing something; if someone tried to bottle you, etc

The reality is that most of those happened to me, and the ones that didn’t happened to missionaries I served with. Is that not hate? Is it not discrimination? Most of the time, when those things happened we hadn’t even spoken to those people, they simply hated us because of who we represented.

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you" - John 15:18 (Holy Bible)

Anonymous asked:

Why do you think citing scripture adequately answers questions, when so much of it has been proven fallacious, doctored, plagiarised, absurd, revised? How can you use scripture to answer a question about why scripture is unreliable? 'Answering' a Q with the very material whose veracity is under scrutiny is paradoxical & your attempted subject of resolution invalidates the material/means by which you hope to explain, due to the reality of the Q itself. This is basic debate etiquette.

The reason why I use Scripture to answer the Questions I am asked is because I know that they are true. Scriptures are not the kind of thing that you come to know are true through complex intellectual studies. Rather, that knowledge comes as you sincerely search for an answer, and ask the source itself if it is true or not.
[[MORE]]My purpose is not to prove Scripture or my Church true. Instead I would invite others to ask God and find out for themselves if the things I share are true.
It is my experience that those who seek for an answer, and are willing to change if that answer comes to them, will always receive an answer.

You can bring up all sorts of facts and discoveries to try and prove my belief wrong, but in the end I know the feelings I have felt as I have prayed and shared the Gospel. I have seen prayers be answered - mine and other people’s. I have had words put into my mouth, and thoughts into my mind. I have seen people being healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have felt God’s love for me and for His children. Jesus Christ lives, I know that. My testimony is something that others cannot take away.

Anonymous asked:

Does the idea of an atheist or non-dogmatic life scare you? Like, if you weren't a mormon, do you think the ways of the world would intimidate you? I don't know if that makes sense, but what I'm saying is, like, how do you think you'd fare in life without abstinence (of you and your friends/girlfriends). How different do you think your life would be?

Dear Anon,

That is a very difficult question to answer. Not because of how I feel right now, but because I simply do not know what my life would be like if I was not in the circumstances I am in right now.

[[MORE]]Both my parents became Mormon in their teens. Had it not been for the church, they would not have met, gotten married, I would not have been born to them, etc. I would have been born under different house rules and principles. Because I do not know what circumstances I would have been born into, I do not know what my feelings would have been towards the ways of the World.

Now how do I think I would fare, or how different would my life be without abstinence… It would probably be extremely different! I would probably spend my weekends doing very different activities to the ones I currently do, and who knows maybe I wouldn’t be living at home anymore. 

But something that I do know, is that because of my beliefs, my priorities in life are extremely different to most of my school friends’. My highest priority is to follow and serve God. Then it is to start a family. I then want to get the best Education so I can get the best job so that I can provide for my family.
I want a stable life. A joyful and peaceful life. One that continues on with Eternal Relationships.

Ouch!!! :/

On Saturday, at Stake Sports, we were playing football (soccer) and I got tackled, fell backwards and smacked my head on the ground. Although my heads fine, my neck is getting worse and worse. I can barely look to the sides, yawn or swallow without it hurting.
I should probably get it checked out… But I don’t want a neck brace thing… :/

Quite a successful day!

Had fun at Stake Sports. Played football and impressed people withy defending. Got tackled to the ground while taking a shot, banged my head on the ground, and I’m still alive.
Went out teaching with the Sisters despite my headache, dizziness and slight confusion. Was still able to teach in Portuguese and translate it all into English.
Been having great conversations with great friends on Facebook.
Polished my shoes.

Good Saturday indeed!

"The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step"

One photo for each area plus a couple more.

Home-> MTC-> Barrow-In-Furness-> Shrewsbury-> Ashton 2-> Moreton-> Chorley 4-> Liverpool-> Barrow-In-Furness-> Home

England Manchester Mission. Forever in my HEART.

"Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.” - Alma 57:21

Anonymous asked:

I have a friend who said Mormons have "three Heavens and no Hell" and I didn't understand that statement but he didn't want to talk about it in depth at the moment so I didn't push, do you mind explaining that?

beingmormon answered:

Okay, so to make sure I didn’t butcher this explanation I read what LDS.org said about this ha.
Your friend is correct but let me explain it better. The kingdoms of glory are 3 levels to heaven. The highest level is called the Celestial Kingdom. This is where our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and is where we all want to live. The second level is called the Terrestrial Kingdom and the third is called Telestial Kingdom. These are the lower levels of heaven but still wonderful. I don’t know what apostle said this but they said even the lowest level of heaven is so unbelievably wonderful, nothing on earth can compare.
And yes, we don’t believe in the usual “hell”. We believe in outer darkness, where only a very small select number of people will go. When I was learning about the Kingdoms of Heaven from the missionaries, it just made sense. Why would a merciful and loving God send people to hell? What about all those people who have never heard of Christianity? What happens to them?
We believe that if you didn’t get the opportunity to hear of the Gospel on earth, that you will after you pass. Everyone has the chance to live with our Father in Heaven and their loved ones forever.
This is why I love this Gospel.