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How is it a sacrifice that Jesus died, when he could and did come back to life? Surely it would be a genuine sacrifice if he never arose but stayed dead forever. Or if he had the power to be resurrected, he never acted on it. How do you reason that dying (and not staying dead for even a week) is a sacrifice?

I think that to answer your question, it is important to understand the meaning behind the word Sacrifice.[[MORE]]

"In ancient days, sacrifice meant to make something or someone holy." (The Guide to the Scriptures, "Sacrifice")

Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was perfect in more ways than one. He had power over both Physical and Spiritual death.

  • Physical meaning that he had power over death. That he did not have to die. As the Son of God he could live forever, and none could take His life unless he gave it away.
  • Spiritual meaning that Sin had no power over Him. In other words, although he was tempted even by Satan, the devil himself, he chose to be obedient to His Father, and to keep the commandments he had been given.

Sacrifice is also understood to be (a)the offering of food, objects or life to (b)a higher purpose.

So how was Christ’s death a Sacrifice? We’ll address both parts of the definition of Sacrifice.

(a) The offering of life

As stated before, Christ had Power over death. He chose to go ahead with the Plan. He suffered, He bled, and died for us. The Son of God. The one without Sin. He physically offered himself up as a sacrifice.
I also like to think of a different kind of sacrifice He made for us that we don’t often think about. As he knelt on the Garden of Gethsemane, he asked His Father if there was no other way, and then sacrificed His will (of not going through the pain) for His Father’s.

(b) A higher purpose

Why did Christ do it? Because despite all the pain he went through - and the scriptures describe that pain as something too painful for us to even conceive - he understood that that was the only way that we could too rise again, be forgiven of all our sins and mistakes, and be admitted back into the presence of the Father. It was ALL for us. Because He loved us.

Is that not a sacrifice? I would say it is. I am so grateful for my Saviour and Redeemer. That He decided to suffer and die for each one of us. I know that through his Atonement we can return to live with our loving Heavenly Father. We just need to do our part, and make His sacrifice worth it in our lives.

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At the center of the flowers, he found two people. Vin lay wearing her customary mistcloak, shirt, and trousers. Elend was in a brilliant white uniform, complete with cape. They were holding hands as they lay among the flowers.
And they were both dead.

At the center of the flowers, he found two people. Vin lay wearing her customary mistcloak, shirt, and trousers. Elend was in a brilliant white uniform, complete with cape. They were holding hands as they lay among the flowers.

And they were both dead.

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Hypothetical scenario: say you got vocation after vocation, rising in the 'ranks' of the Church, eventually becoming prophet. Once you became a member of the First pres, it was revealed to you that the Church's true function is monetary; there is no 'God', or at least, it is not his Church. Would you continue on, knowing the Church brings enough happiness to justify its false foundation, or would you speak up? I'm not suggesting this is at all true btw, merely a scenario for self consideration.

If I was to “rise in the ranks” of the church, eventually becoming Prophet, only to find out that the Church’s true function was monetary…

Well, if I am honest, that is a tough question to answer. You see, I believe 100% in personal revelation and that I have received a witness from God that this is His church. Because of my belief in revelation I would like to think that I would continue on, until I understood God’s thoughts in the matter.
If I were to put Revelation aside though, I think that I would still continue on. If I was to become a Prophet I would have had to go through MANY years of service in church leadership, including Stake President, Seventy and Quorum of the Twelve. I would learn long before becoming the Prophet what the purpose behind the Church was. So in my opinion, if I stuck to it until I became the president of the church even though the church’s purpose was monetary, I would continue to stick to it even then. My Integrity would have already been undermined. I would have made a conscious decision to lead a monetary church, and after you’ve hurt your integrity so much, it’s hard to fix it up.

But I really do know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Church led by God through His Prophet. It’s not the money that matters, but Principle behind the Widow’s mite, Sacrifice. As we sacrifice and are obedient to God’s commandments, he blesses us in unimaginable ways, he provides for our needs, and the windows of Heaven are opened. It is a wonderful thing.

Just got a new assignment from Bishop!

As well as having a calling which allows me to work closely with the Bishopric and learn from how they conduct their meetings, I now get an opportunity to work with the young men on assignment!
Not only will that keep me busy, but it will also help me to learn so much!
Just last night I was wishing I worked more closely with YM so I could encourage them to go on missions.
God gives according to the desires of our hearts!